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        2. Award-Winning Mobile App Development Company

          Build and transform your business through strategy, design and app development

          Let’s talk!??

          Trusted by

          • Time
          • P&G
          • Logo Bloomberg
          • Logo iHeartMedia


          • Financial Times
          • Logo Inc 5000
          • Logo Cluteh

          Make bolder choices and uncover transformative change with user-validated digital products.

          Sol LeWitt

          We worked with Microsoft to integrate their AI & VR technology and develop this set of iOS & Android apps that explores the life and legacy of this influential 20th-century artist.



          We worked with Sidewalk Labs (a Google/Alphabet company) to develop a generative design web app that helps cities and urban planners create millions of planning scenarios and identify options that best reflect local priorities.


          Bloomberg News

          We integrated with the Bloomberg team to design & develop the latest version of their flagship mobile app–serving millions of daily users.


          Coast to Coast AM

          We worked with iHeart Media to re-launch this set of iOS & Android mobile apps providing on-demand content, downloadable podcasts, and a 25-year archive of curated paranormal programming–for one of the most listened to radio programs in the US.


          Tide Laundromat

          We partnered with P&G to create a set of Android and iPhone apps that are being used to power Tide’s new, next-generation laundromats–opening now across the country.

          Procter & Gamble by Blue Label Labs

          Patrick Avatar

          I am so happy to have picked Blue Label Labs… I came to them with an idea and they executed perfectly. We’ve had a great response.

          Dr. Patrick Kelly

          @ SuperBaby


          Let’s talk

          Awards & Recognition


          2021 Webby Award Nominee & Honoree

          for JAXJOX in the Connected Products & Wearables category and bopdrop in the Entertainment category, alongside HBO Max.


          2020 Webby Award Nominee & Honoree

          for inHouse in the Food & Drink category, alongside the Food Network & Weight Watchers.


          Ranked #184 of 1000

          in the Financial Times list of fastest growing companies in the Americas.


          Inc. 5000 List

          of the fastest-growing private companies in America


          Top Mobile App Developers

          Clutch Top App Developers New York


          Top Mobile App Dev

          Goodfirms’ Top Mobile App Development Companies New York


          Made in NY

          We’re recognized as a Minority Owned Business in the state of New York


          Top App Creators’ Top 10

          Mobile App Development Companies Rankings


          Free Software Advice

          Top Rated App Development Companies USA


          Top Rated App Development Companies

          by SoftwareWorld


          Top App Store App

          Hyer Reached #4 in the App Store’s Business Category just below the Zoom & Microsoft Teams apps.

          Year-after-year, Blue Label Labs has been recognized as one of the top app development and design agencies in New York City. It’s nice to feel appreciated!

          From Lean Design Sprints to Agile App Development

          Our award-winning app developers follow a process that's designed to give you the best shot at success.


          1. Product Strategy

          We work with you to understand the problem you’re trying to solve and the digital product solution to that problem. This involves lots and lots of research and iterative user testing.


          2. Product Design & User Testing

          Expanding on the insights gained, you’ll work closely with our app development team to create an elegant design that incorporates best UI/UX practices and trends. And user testing, user testing, and user testing. Did we mention user testing?


          3. Product Development

          With our scrum-based agile methodology, you’ll receive iterative builds every two weeks, which gives you plenty of time to test them out and make adjustments. We’re here for ongoing and long-term support and maintenance.

          How does our app development agency transform an idea into a functioning product?

          Discover Our Process

          We believe that we succeed when our clients succeed.

          Ui/Ux Design, Web Development & Mobile App Development

          Strategy & Design

          • + Design Sprints
          • + User Research
          • + Visual Design
          • + Mobile App Design
          • + Tracking & Learning
          • + Building Traction

          Web Development

          • + ReactJS
          • + AngularJS
          • + ASP.NET MVC
          • + WordPress
          • + NodeJS
          • + Go

          Let’s talk!??

          4.8/5 rating based on 40+ reviews

          Some Client ??

          Cirque App by Blue Label Labs

          Thanks to the app they built for us, we exceeded our goals for revenue by nearly 40% since launch.


          Austin Fogt

          Founder @ Cirque Coffee

          Mike Gayed Avatar

          “Offering thorough education and engaged collaboration, Blue Label Labs worked as a committed partner, invested in project success. They’re invested in their work with clients, beyond just a paycheck.”


          Michael Gayed

          Founder & CEO @ HowUdish

          Ashlin Ocampo Avatar

          “Blue Label’s team designed an exceptional app that has increased usage eightfold. In the first week of its launch, the app ranked No. 2 for news apps in iTunes.”


          Ashlin Ocampo

          Product Manager @ iHeartMedia

          Jeff Lyman Avatar

          “In addition to delivering a top-notch product, Blue Label Labs?is very proactive and organized when it comes to managing projects. Outside of software development, they’ve provided invaluable business development support–a welcomed surprise from a vendor in their industry.”


          Jeff Lyman

          Founder & CEO @ Tonquin

          Valrhona App by Blue Label Labs

          Their project management skills are fantastic. Sometimes, they had to deal with our headquarters and they’ve handled everything very well.”


          Julia Mitchell

          Digital Marketing Manager @ Valrhona

          bopdrop by Blue Label Labs

          Their design skills and overall quality of the app were impressive. Their work made our final product stand out.”


          Matt Krause

          CEO @ bopdrop

          Top App Developers in New York

          What is Digital Transformation?

          Digital Innovation: What is Digital Transformation??- a guide for executives and company leaders

          Provide your info below to get a copy of this guide in your inbox.

          What’s cooking in the lab?

          The place to find the latest industry trends, new Blue Label Labs app launches and information to keep you at the top of your tech game. All curated by a top app development company in NYC.

          Read our Blog

          Partner with a bolder app development agency.

          As top app developers in NYC, we have partnered with ambitious companies and entrepreneurs all over the world. Let’s discuss your digital product or app development idea so we can turn it into reality.

          Let’s talk! ??

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